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19 Aug, 2019
By Lisa Doherty
Taking on the honorary roll of “Flower Girl” may be a dream for some little girls from the first moment they had hear of this unique and fairytale princess undertaking. And positions such as this can be hard to come by with limited openings. As a result, a Flower Girl candidate may encounter, without her knowledge, a covert interview panel with the top echelon of...
29 Jul, 2019
Create a Pinterest board with different ideas from current trends
Visit the Los Verdes Pinterest for some Invitation Inspiration!
Decide what theme, color scheme, etc. you are going with for your wedding vision
Narrow down your Pinterest ideas that match your wedding vision to bring to your consultation
Consultation: 7-12 months before the wedding
Come prepared with ideas,...
22 Jul, 2019
What to do with your gown after the Wedding
By Deb Colantano, Event Sales Director at Beaver Brook Country Club
As I sit here writing this article, my wedding gown from 19 years ago is hanging in my basement in the garment bag. Had I planned ahead, I may have been able to give the dress that I wore on one of the most special days of my life a purpose. In case you are a planner, here are some...