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21 Oct, 2019
Many weddings will have "Plus Ones” on their guest list. Of course, you want everyone to have a plus one, although some brides and grooms want small weddings. In that case, most guests will understand that if their invitation does not include an "and Guest", they won't be able to bring a date.
There are other circumstances where brides and grooms will allow a plus one, and are not exactly sure...
09 Oct, 2019
Photography by Moose Studio
19 Aug, 2019
By Lisa Doherty
Taking on the honorary roll of “Flower Girl” may be a dream for some little girls from the first moment they had hear of this unique and fairytale princess undertaking. And positions such as this can be hard to come by with limited openings. As a result, a Flower Girl candidate may encounter, without her knowledge, a covert interview panel with the top echelon of...