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16 Jul, 2018
Modern brides and grooms continue to move away from the traditional elements of a wedding. By incorporating non-traditional ideas, guests can have a unique experience that will be fun and memorable. Consider these activities and details to make your wedding stand out!
The Reception
Some of us are born with two left feet. At times, guests may feel a little left out when everyone is mid-boogie on...
02 Jul, 2018
1. Specialty Cocktails – Do you and your fiancé have a go-to drink when you go out? Do you remember what you drank on your first date? Offer these beverages to guests with cute and catchy names!
2. Table Names – Rather than using standard numbers, name your tables after cities you have traveled to together, or building names from the college campus where you first met.
3. Dessert Bar – Not a cake...
25 Jun, 2018
You’re engaged! You’re in it for the long haul. But hiccups and disagreements happen to everyone – especially during the stressful period of wedding planning. Here’s some advice on how to handle those moments, reach a level of mutual understanding, and keep moving toward that happily ever after.
Verbal Acknowledgment
Your wants and needs and your partner’s wants and needs are both important. That...