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24 Jun, 2019
Alcohol can be one of the largest expenses of a wedding reception. If you’re trying to throw a great party without breaking the bank, it might be in your best interest to consider bar set-ups other than your typical open bar. Don't fret though, your family and friends are attending your wedding to celebrate you, not to drink. You will still have an incredible party, even if alcohol is not...
10 Jun, 2019
It’s finally happening, the day you’ve always dreamed of… your wedding day! You’ve picked the perfect venue, dress, date, etc. There is so much planning that goes into creating everlasting memories of your special day. You might be wondering, "what have I forgotten?"
We can’t stress enough: when deciding on your delicious menu selection, remember the vegetarian option - even if it’s silent!
13 May, 2019
Golfing is a fantastic Bachelor Party and Groomsman activity, whether the round takes place in advance or the week before the wedding. Here's some tips to spice up your game and ensure the whole squad has a great time.
Make Sure Everyone Enjoys the Game
Player abilities will be all over the place. Focus on the "fun" aspect instead of the super-competitive aspect so that everyone enjoys the game!...