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23 Oct, 2019
How did you meet?
At church!

Tell us about the proposal!
We picked out the ring together and I wanted to put the ring as soon as we picked it up but he told me to wait so he can propose to me. We went to the same park where we first started dating and he proposed to me there!

Why Skylinks Golf Course?
I wanted an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception and Skylinks was perfect. It had to...
25 Sep, 2019
How did you meet?
The two of us met at our first job together, Stater Bros. Market.
Tell us about the proposal!
The proposal was absolutely amazing! Omar and I had just welcomed our second baby boy into the world and decided to take family photos. While on the beach taking the photos, I turn around and all of my closest loved ones are there, I look back at my now husband, and he is down on one...
18 Sep, 2019
How did you meet?
We first met in a small Christian church called Wilmington First Church of the Nazarene near the later end of high school. We were both on the Worship Team. I was one of the singers while Dan was on electric guitar. As teenagers, we were very different and looking back we probably wouldn't have gotten along. We barely exchanged hellos for the next couple of years up until our...