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19 Feb, 2020
How did you two meet?
We met on eHarmony.

Tell us about the proposal?
We went to Rome, Italy, with my family and my sister’s family for our parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and vow renewal. This incredible city was the perfect backdrop for the proposal and what better way to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary than with the start of another happy marriage! After a romantic dinner, David asked...
29 Jan, 2020
When/Where did the bride & groom meet?
Keith and I met working at Marie Callendars, 9 years ago.

Tell us about the engagement day/proposal!
Keith recreated our first date, which was at a photo booth arcade and invited our immediate family members to witness the proposal. After the proposal he took me dinner at Marie Callendars to commemorate where we first met, only to find that he had...
13 Nov, 2019
When/Where did the bride & groom meet?
Justin and Van met at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 2014. Van was a 3rd year dental student and Justin started his first year as an oral maxillofacial surgery resident.

Tell us about the proposal!
(After 2.5 years of dating) Justin and Van are both residents, so planning a vacation that aligns is not easy to say the least....