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08 Jan, 2020
Where did you meet?
Chris and I met at the University we were both attending to attain our undergraduate degrees. Study sessions turned into coffee dates, friendship turned into college sweethearts.

What is your proposal story?
On Christmas Eve 2017, we spent a calm and cozy night in Chris’ home. As we wrapped up our night and prepared to say our goodbyes, Chris runs over to a cabinet and...
05 Dec, 2018
Tell us how you met and fell in love!
We met through common friends! The Filipino community in Los Angeles is small and we all are connected somehow. We belong to a badminton group here in Los Angeles and are great badminton partners. Started as partners, best friends for a while, and one day it just clicked.

Was there a proposal? Tell us about it!
We got engaged at Mission Church in San Juan...
22 Aug, 2018
Where did you meet?
We met in high school!
How did he propose? We got engaged in San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Why did you choose Knollwood Country Club?
Knollwood is all-inclusive, which lessened the stress. We also chose it for the area and the indoor and outdoor options.
What challenges did you face during the wedding planning?
Time management was difficult because I was in school...