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24 Jul, 2019
1. It was May 14, 2015, when I received a call from my sister Tami, exclaiming “I found your future husband!” She proceeded to tell me about her coworker David, who she described as sweet, respectful, handsome, family-oriented, and with goals. "He is perfect for you", she said with excitement. Even though I was not interested in meeting anyone at that moment in my life, she said that she already...
04 Feb, 2019
Where did you meet?
We met on

How did he propose?
He asked me to marry him underneath the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower. It was a total surprise!

Favorite part of the wedding planning process?
Um, everything! I probably enjoyed looking at venues, dress shopping, and cake tasting the most. I also enjoyed how much my parents got into the wedding planning. Three months later and...
23 Jan, 2019
How did the couple meet?
They both live in Chicago and met through a mutual friend. Lauren’s mom was actually with her the first time I met Namit and for weeks afterwards she kept asking Lauren about him, but Lauren didn’t tell her they were dating right away because she didn’t want to jinx it!

How did he propose?
Since they live in Chicago, they love going to LA to vacation and always hike...