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13 Jun, 2018

Where did you meet? 
We met through an online dating application called “Let’s Date”, which was being advertised on Facebook. I’m pretty sure the dating application no longer exists! After talking on the application for about a week he finally asked me to meet him in person for a dinner date. I remember being so nervous to meet him! You hear all these crazy stories about people being cat-...
07 Jun, 2018
How did you meet?
“One of my good friends worked with him at Legoland.”
- Kristen

Tell us about the proposal!
Well, we had been talking about getting married for a while. I was rambling on and on one night about how we need to just do it. He left, came back with the ring, and said, “We can't talk about a wedding without you having a ring one your finger, so what do you say?” 

What were...
29 May, 2018
 Where did you meet?
 Alex and Shannon met on an online dating app

How did the proposal happen?
It was late January and Alex was about to finish his operator training course at his new job.  He had been planning to propose to Shannon for some time and with graduation coming up fast he saw an opportunity to surprise her.  He asked her to clear her schedule for that Saturday because he wanted to...