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15 Aug, 2018
Where did you meet?
We met each other at Tony Roma’s. Brittany worked as a host and I worked in the back of the house.  
How did you propose?
I arranged a double date with some friends at her favorite Mexican food spot. I said I all of a sudden had to work, but would meet up later at the restaurant. I convinced her to carpool with our friends. On the way there, Brittany got a little car sick...
08 Aug, 2018
How did you meet?
We met at North Hunterdon High School in Spanish class. I was a freshman, and Stefan was a sophomore.
How did he propose?
The proposal was under a Christmas tree in Clinton, NJ. That is our hometown and where we dated a lot throughout high school. It was dark and had just begun to snow. There was no one in town by the Red Mill except for us. It was very romantic. Just as Stefan...
01 Aug, 2018
Where did you meet?
We met online!
How did he propose?
We love to go for walks, so he took me to one of our favorite spots. As the sun was setting he simply and sweetly said, “Will you marry me?”

What was the deciding factor of having your Wedding at Coyote Hills Golf Course?
My husband had taken me to an event at Coyote Hills while we were dating. During the night, I told him it would be a...