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11 Feb, 2019
How did you meet?
I met my dear wife, Joyce, while she was visiting with my sister at her house. -James
How did James propose?
He said he was in love and would love for us to love together as husband and wife and see God’s blessings come our way. -Joyce

What were the overall themes and/or concepts for the Big Day?
Love was definitely the overall theme but it was very important to us to...
22 Oct, 2018
- With help from Deb Colantano, Private Event Director, Beaver Brook Country Club
 Quite often while discussing wedding details with my brides, I hear, “We don’t have any young girls for flower girls,” or on the contrary, “We have so many little ones in our family that I don’t want to choose!”
Don’t fret, ladies!  Make sure your day is done your way. 

Flower Girl

Ages 3-7
Typically wears a...
08 Aug, 2018
How did you meet?
We met at North Hunterdon High School in Spanish class. I was a freshman, and Stefan was a sophomore.
How did he propose?
The proposal was under a Christmas tree in Clinton, NJ. That is our hometown and where we dated a lot throughout high school. It was dark and had just begun to snow. There was no one in town by the Red Mill except for us. It was very romantic. Just as Stefan...