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26 Sep, 2018
How did you meet?
Geoff and I met at a bowling alley to go bowl with some friends. There was something about one another we couldn't resist but for some reason it wasn't the right time for us to date. We stayed friends over 4 years even though we both knew there was something special. Once the time was right for Geoff and I, we knew. We started dating on July 11, 2014! Nothing made me happier...
12 Sep, 2018
Ralph and Adabela met in law school in San Diego, where Adabela grew up. 

Eventually Ralph, a native from the Bay Area, convinced her to move up to Northern California by showing her around the local hiking and camping spots.

Ralph proposed in the living room of their first home together on the night they moved in.

Adabela and Ralph wanted to get married in the Bay Area because it was where...
11 Oct, 2017
Kathryn & Patrick were married on June 17, 2017 at Seascape Golf Club in Aptos, California among their closest family and friends.
How They Met
Kathryn went to an All-Girls Catholic high school and Patrick went to an All-Boys Catholic high school. Both were located in San Jose. We both ran track but only Patrick’s school had a track and Kathryn’s school was close enough for her track team to...