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11 Jun, 2018

The party is approaching – you can already taste the cocktails and hear the beat of the music. The following goodies will ensure that the night (and the morning after) go smoothly for all. Get some cute tote bags or baskets, hang a nametag on each, and fill them with these lifesavers! 

Mini Bottles
A mini bottle of champagne or a mini bottle of each girl’s favorite booze will get the...
30 May, 2018

Get everyone excited for the “I Do’s”? Check.
Introduce family and friends? Check.
Enjoy the company of the people you love? Check.
Here are the parties that are commonly hosted surrounding weddings:
The Engagement Party
What is it?
Getting engaged is exciting! These parties are thrown to celebrate the couple and to shower them in love and support. The engagement party can be one of the...
27 Apr, 2018

Below are some pros and cons of various dress styles you may be considering for your bridesmaids, whether you’re planning a lavish or simple wedding.
Matching Dresses

perfect symmetry
price point will be exact (discounting alterations)
traditional, simple and easy on eyes
elegant and classy


dress may not be flattering on all body types
doesn’t allow bridemaides to...