The Best Bachelorette Party Goodies

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The Best Bachelorette Party Goodies

Kathryn Draney

The party is approaching – you can already taste the cocktails and hear the beat of the music. The following goodies will ensure that the night (and the morning after) go smoothly for all. Get some cute tote bags or baskets, hang a nametag on each, and fill them with these lifesavers! 

Mini Bottles

A mini bottle of champagne or a mini bottle of each girl’s favorite booze will get the party started!

Your favorite mini bottle AND cute wrapping paper? Yes please!

Something Minty

Always keep fresh with some gum or breath mints.

Hair Ties

Whether you’re going out in the sun or hitting the dance floor, give the girls something to pull their hair back!

Something Sweet

Bring on the sugar! Chocolate, gummy bears, and desserts are a great way to end the night once your sweet tooth kicks in.

Hangover Relief

Pre-drinking remedies or ibuprofen for the morning after will help! 

Have some ibueprofen on-hand for the morning after a big night out!

Lip Balm

A classic balm or a shiny gloss will help keep lips hydrated and protected.


Whether you’re going out or relaxing for the weekend, flip-flops will give everyone’s feet a break from the heels! Helpful hint: keep an eye out for the Old Navy $1 sale.

Hand Sanitizer

Bars and lounges are busy – stay clean and keep the germs away with wipes or a to-go bottle of hand sanitizer.

Have some ibueprofen on-hand for the morning after a big night out!A mini hand sanitizer will easily fit into your clutch or purse!

Makeup Remover Wipes

Before you go to bed after a night out, keep your skin happy by taking off your makeup! 


Upset tummy at a bachelorette party? No thank you! Tums or Pepto-Bismol will save the day so that you can keep the party going.

Water Bottle

Keep hydrated! Water bottles keep you drinking that H2O, and will also be great souvenirs to remember your wild weekend together.

Once you've got your goodies ready to go, you and the girls will be prepared for an unforgettable getaway! Have fun!