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18 Jun, 2018
Couples often ask, "Should we have a champagne toast?"
It's a tradition linked to celebrations, and if you're going a non-traditional route, you might be wondering if this moment is one you want to incorporate into your wedding. You might be wondering if you have to toast with champagne - or if you even have to toast at all!
To help you decide, here is a little background information on this...
13 Jun, 2018

Where did you meet? 
We met through an online dating application called “Let’s Date”, which was being advertised on Facebook. I’m pretty sure the dating application no longer exists! After talking on the application for about a week he finally asked me to meet him in person for a dinner date. I remember being so nervous to meet him! You hear all these crazy stories about people being cat-...
11 Jun, 2018

The party is approaching – you can already taste the cocktails and hear the beat of the music. The following goodies will ensure that the night (and the morning after) go smoothly for all. Get some cute tote bags or baskets, hang a nametag on each, and fill them with these lifesavers! 

Mini Bottles
A mini bottle of champagne or a mini bottle of each girl’s favorite booze will get the...