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08 Apr, 2018

With so many cute, creative trends popping up on social media every day it can be really tough to really focus in on one style for your big day. So why do it?!  Blending a few of your favorite looks is a great way to make your wedding day really reflect the two of you and the style you share!
That last thing you want to do is visually overwhelm your guests so if you have decided to blend a...
04 Apr, 2018

Weddings combine tradition, celebration and love in a way that no other event can. From exchanging vows and cutting the cake, to throwing the bouquet and wearing something blue, weddings feature rituals that add meaning and fun to an already special day.
Military weddings take the tradition to another level, with added customs and guidelines that are only suitable for a couple in which at...
22 Mar, 2018

After attending a wedding show, many brides (and grooms) to be can be overwhelmed and unsure of what the next steps are to take. Lucky for you by following the 4 step plan below you can be on your way to successfully planning your wedding after attending a bridal show. 
Organize Which Vendors You Liked Best

Gather all the notes and materials that you took, and separate them into...