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08 Jan, 2020
Where did you meet?
Chris and I met at the University we were both attending to attain our undergraduate degrees. Study sessions turned into coffee dates, friendship turned into college sweethearts.

What is your proposal story?
On Christmas Eve 2017, we spent a calm and cozy night in Chris’ home. As we wrapped up our night and prepared to say our goodbyes, Chris runs over to a cabinet and...
11 Jun, 2019
How did you meet?
Spencer and I met in college. We attended California State University Channel Islands.

How did he propose?
Spencer proposed in Oregon at Multnomah Falls. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it, it’s beautiful! we walked up to the bridge and he popped the question in front of the huge waterfall. There were about 200 people around to witness and we got a very loud applause...
23 Jan, 2019
How did the couple meet?
They both live in Chicago and met through a mutual friend. Lauren’s mom was actually with her the first time I met Namit and for weeks afterwards she kept asking Lauren about him, but Lauren didn’t tell her they were dating right away because she didn’t want to jinx it!

How did he propose?
Since they live in Chicago, they love going to LA to vacation and always hike...