Bridesmaid Dress Style Guide

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Bridesmaid Dress Style Guide

Private Event Director, Oakhurst Country Club

Below are some pros and cons of various dress styles you may be considering for your bridesmaids, whether you’re planning a lavish or simple wedding.

Matching Dresses


  • perfect symmetry
  • price point will be exact (discounting alterations)
  • traditional, simple and easy on eyes
  • elegant and classy



  • dress may not be flattering on all body types
  • doesn’t allow bridemaides to incorporate individual style

Matching but Different Styles


  • Allows brides to select a neckline or style that better suits their body type and preference

Mismatching/ Ombre


  • allows each friend to dress in her personal style
  • select dress flattering to body type
  • allowing broad range of colors
  • friends will feel their best
  • great for Boho or vintage wedding themes
  • allows each person to shop within their budget
  • will more likely wear the dress again
  • great way to incorporate multiple colors in one dress
  • looks great for short or long dresses


  • Bridal party may look mismatched
  • must communicate on color hues to use
  • harder for bride to organize
  • if you are looking for a classic/simple look, probably not the way to go
  • hard for guests/coordinator to find bridal party day of

Long vs. Short Dresses


  • more formal
  • fall/winter weddings when cooler
  • if large height differences may not be the best choice


  • Less formal unless dressed up with jewelry or select a more formal material
  • good for hotter months
  • shoes will show, so must discuss with bridemaids on show style



  • you will be the talk of the town by sticking to the current trends
  • patterns, tulle skirts, metallic sequins, fun shoes, 2 pieces, cover ups etc.


  • May look outdated when looking back on wedding photos from the future and you may not like it as much once its not a trendy fashion statement anymore