Questions For Your Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

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Questions For Your Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

Kathryn Draney

By Lisa Doherty


Taking on the honorary roll of “Flower Girl” may be a dream for some little girls from the first moment they had hear of this unique and fairytale princess undertaking. And positions such as this can be hard to come by with limited openings. As a result, a Flower Girl candidate may encounter, without her knowledge, a covert interview panel with the top echelon of family and friends to confirm that the candidate has the proper skill set to take on the starring role of Flower Girl.


  • How high did you score in your last game of Simon Says?
  • If you are wearing a clean white frilly dress, is it a good idea to drink grape juice?
  • What would you do if the Ring Bearer said to you, “Lets scream really loudly during the wedding?”
  • If your driver is running late to the wedding do you have the Uber App downloaded on your cell phone? (This is a trick question to determine problem solving skill techniques).

It has now been a joyous past few months waiting for the big day when it’s finally time to shine and the spot light will be on the Flower Girl as she walks the white aisle garnished with rose pedals. But, before any of this can happen, the Flower Girl must meet with the hair and makeup team for her major transformation because she’s six and sassy. 

WARNING to all Hairstylists. Please keep the elaborate hairstyles to a minimum and avoid braids that are too tight. If this occurs, the Flower Girl may transform into a possessed six year old girl in a fancy dress, resulting in the wedding being delayed because the priest must now perform an…exorcism. 


As the Ring Bearer, sadly you didn’t choose this path for yourself and instead, it chose you. As a result, you have most likely been bribed, begged, tricked, and even coursed with toys and treats and quite possibly you have received a one-year membership to a computer game utopia.

Don’t worry Ring Bearer, this will all be over soon. The pivotal moment has arrived when it’s time to squeeze into that uncomfortable polyester suit you wore last spring and slip on those shiny black dress shoes that are way too small. Here’s a Tip: Make sure the Ring Bearer outfit fits days before the wedding. Not months before the wedding. Remember, Kids tend to grow…rapidly.   

Questions to ask the Ring Bearer before he walks down the aisle:

  • Do you need to go potty?
  • Show me your walking skills (trick question to confirm the shoes are not too tight).
  • Do you need to go potty? (Yes, ask again).

Newsflash: If you don’t ask the potty question, the wedding ceremony will be delayed while the Ring Bearer darts to the closest restroom, returns to the processional, then darts away again.