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11 Jul, 2018
Where did you meet?
My cousin introduced me to Cesar. She invited me out to dinner with her boyfriend and Cesar. We hit it off right away!
How did he propose?
Cesar proposed on the Portland Spirit, which is the place he took me on our very first date. He got on stage and made a beautiful speech. He surprised me even more when I learned my parents were hiding on the boat as well. Very magical! ...
21 Jun, 2018
Where did you meet?
We met online! Our first date was in downtown Portland for dinner and we spent the evening talking and laughing - a few days later we went on another date on New Years Eve and I knew he was someone special after he spent the evening singing classic Disney songs and 90's pop hits to me. The rest is history!
How did Sean propose?
Sean planned a very intimate proposal at our...
23 Aug, 2017
Anna and Tyler were married on August 13, 2016 at the Persimmon Country Club in Gresham, Oregon. 
The couple met at Oregon State University.
Anna: Our story started 6 year ago, May 2009, at a camping trip arranged by Tyler’s fraternity. My friends tried to convince me to come with them since I had nothing else to do over Memorial Day Weekend, but frankly lounging around the sorority and relaxing...