Wedding Checklist - 7 things you can't forget on your wedding day

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Wedding Checklist - 7 things you can't forget on your wedding day

Jamie McGregor

1. Wedding emergency kit. Include spare makeup, bobby pins and safety pins for wardrobe malfunctions. 2. Reserved seating. Be sure to tell family members if you are giving them special seating. Let the usher or coordinator know. 3. Pack a comfy pair of shoes for the reception. You will most likely be painfully tired of your heals by the time the salads are served. You don't want to walk around barefoot where glass has most likely been broken once a week for as long as the venue has been there! So bring some little sandles or slippers to change into. 4. Bring a card and/or gifts for parents. Most people remember to get something for the bridesmaids, but it's just as important to get something for your parents to show that you appreciate them. Also think about grandparents, godparents, or anyone who was pivotal in planning your day. 5. Food for the bridal party. The only thing worse than a bridezilla is a hungry bridezilla. You can buy sandwiches or snacks ahead of time, or have something delivered. 6. Ask a friend or family to take care of your things after the reception - Find someone who will take care of your essentials afterwards. If you're going straight home and don't have a big night planned afterwards, then this doesn't truly apply. 7. Don't Forget The Legal Documents - You'll need your marriage license for the signatures it requires. You definitely need the paperwork, especially after all the hard work you put into planning your wedding, you want it official, right?