How To Prepare For Bad Weather On Your Wedding Day

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How To Prepare For Bad Weather On Your Wedding Day

Jamie McGregor

Seascape Ceremony Site

A Guide to Planning Your Wedding When There is a Chance of Rain- By Maritza Pozzi-Loyola, Seascape Golf Club           

Having been an event planner for over ten years I always thought the one event that would go flawlessly in my personal event planning would be my own   wedding….boy was I wrong! October 2010 was set to be my wedding month. And in Northern CA there really is no better time of year than the Fall. My husband and I decided we really wanted a Fall feel to our wedding- leaves, natural colors, seasonal foods, etc. What we did not expect was any chance of rain. Low and behold, with only a 10% chance of rain in the forecast, and after an outdoor rehearsal dinner the night prior that had beautiful warm evening weather, we each woke up to our worst nightmare: a rainy wedding day. And to make matters worse we had spent months planning our wedding at a 100% outdoor venue that did not have an indoor back up option….

When preparing for a wedding weather should always be taken into consideration. Having experienced weather challenges first hand here are my best suggestions for preparing for the elements. Prime Weather Months. Whether you are getting married in Orlando, San Francisco, Chicago or Dallas, don’t be afraid to ask your venue for the “prime weather months” for your area. If your date is flexible, and you want the best chance for ideal weather, this can be a crucial question. Your wedding venue will know the wedding patterns for their immediate area. It is also important to be prepared for the “Prime Wedding Season” months to also have the standard minimums in place with little, if any, flexibility. There will only be so many Saturdays during the prime months, so if you are tied to this time frame you must be prepared to pay for it as well. It’s also important to note that if you are looking for a wedding on a budget choosing an “off season” date will help in your negotiating power.

Daily Weather Patterns. Believe it or not, weather can change by the hour in some places. Does fog role in at a particular time? When you’re outdoor area is covered in shade, does the temperature drop significantly? What time of day does the morning mist burn off? Do mosquitoes surround the beautiful pond near your reception site when the evening rolls in? These are all good questions to ask. Daily weather patterns may also designate what time to start your ceremony and reception. Be sure to ask for the suggested start time if a portion of your wedding day is outside.

The Back Up Plan. It is always great to decide on a venue that comes with a Plan B: the indoor option. Here at Seascape Golf Club we offer several indoor options in the case of inclement weather. Good questions to ask with back up plans are: “When does a final decision need to be made?”, “What can I expect financially if I have to resort to an indoor ceremony and/or reception?”, and “How often have you had to implement your back up plan?” Make sure you venue is comfortable with the plan and ready to go at a moments notice if that becomes the case. Also make sure you know if you will have any additional financial responsibilities if the plan were to be implemented.

Working with your Vendors. When hiring your vendors similar questions should be asked of them. If there is a chance that you may need to move your wedding from an outdoor setting to an indoor setting how much advance notice will they need? Are there any fees you will incur for the changes? And always keep your vendors in the loop as much as possible. Even if there is no change to the timeline or location of one aspect of your wedding, they may want to be reassured that the day will still go as planned so they do not encounter any surprises when they arrive. Trust me, they will appreciate your open communication!

Be Flexible. Although it is your wedding day and what should be the best day of your life, keep in mind that the ultimate goal for the day is to marry your partner. If the weather is not looking good going into your wedding day, remain flexible with your venue and vendors. Everyone is truly working their best to make this the best day of your life, and they will offer up all available options to give you the day you envisioned. Just Keep Smiling. Just like staying flexible in the planning stages, the day of your wedding may present weather challenges you did not plan for.

The best way to enjoy your day is to keep a sense of humor and roll with the punches. I decided the morning of my wedding, when I realized the ground was saturated and the rain had no sign of ending that this was going to be the best day of my life surrounded by all the people I love for one great evening and I was going to make the most of it and maintain a smile. My family appreciated it, my bridesmaids appreciated, even my vendors appreciated it. My husband said it best when our wedding coordinator called him to confirm our venue change (yes- complete venue change!). He told her in the heat of the moment: “the only thing I want when this day is over is to be married to this woman.” So, even though inclement weather can be the uninvited guest to your dream day, preparing for it can help in alleviating your concerns and ultimately make your day go off without a hitch!