Long Distance Wedding Planning Tips

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Long Distance Wedding Planning Tips

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Planning a long distance wedding and wondering where to start? Below, we’ve compiled a list of important things to remember to help you create the wedding of your dreams!

Make a List of Necessities

When it comes to long distance weddings,simplicity is your new best friend. Making a list of your must-haves is a great way to determine what you want your wedding day to look like. Include guests you want to invite—everyone might not be able to attend, but this way you’ll have an idea of how many attendees you need to accommodate. And remember: The simpler your wedding, the easier it’ll be for everyone involved, including yourself.

Recruit a Helper  

If a family member or trusted friend lives in the city or town where your wedding will be, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sharing your list of necessities is a great way to let them know your vision, and you can add updates with pictures, contracts, and event orders shared with Drop Box or Google Docs.

If there isn’t someone to help, hiring a local coordinator is a great alternative. He or she will take care of all those little details and keep you right on track!

Plan Meetings Ahead of Time

If possible, visit your wedding destination at least once or twice before the big day. Plan your visits accordingly, and try to meet with as many vendors as possible while in town.

For your first visit, you’ll want to meet with potential DJs, florists, photographers, and caterers. Sampling possible menus is particularly important, as you’ll want to know your food selections before sending invitations in case you plan on offering individual choices to guests.

Your second visit is a great time to meet with your venue to discuss wedding details. During this time, you’ll also want to check in with other vendors and see if you can obtain floral arrangement samples, as well as a make-up and hair portfolio.

Ask Your Venue for Recommendations

Your venue is a fantastic resource when it comes to finding great vendors. Because they regularly plan weddings and events, they possess firsthand knowledge of the most reliable and professional vendors in the area. Request a list of vendors they prefer, and make sure it includes pertinent contact information. Some venues even have exclusive partnerships with vendors, and part of their package might include overseeing the planning on your behalf.

Use the Web

When it comes to research, the Internet is a fantastic resource. Not only can you research local vendors, you can also block off hotel rooms, select a restaurant for your rehearsal dinner, and in general, stay connected to any relevant events taking place in the area.

Let Go          

After all your hard work and planning is complete, the next step is to let go of your worry. Every bride—whether planning a wedding three thousand miles away or one in her backyard—has something she wishes she’d done differently. But when the day comes, none of it carries any significance. Remember to relax, take it all in, and most importantly, enjoy yourself!