Indoor-Outdoor Wedding Tips

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Indoor-Outdoor Wedding Tips

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Sometimes it can be hard to choose between having an indoor or an outdoor wedding—especially if you’re someone who loves nature but worries that inclement weather might spoil a good time.

One way to remedy the dilemma is to consider having what industry professionals call an indoor-outdoor wedding. In this instance, a venue offers the spacious and relaxed feel of the outdoors in an indoor setting, resulting in a perfect blend of the natural world with worry-free event hosting.

Choice of venue plays an integral part in determining the success of an indoor-outdoor wedding. A reception hall with full-height windows provides unobstructed views of natural surroundings, while a large tented area allows guests to enjoy the outdoors with ease.

Another popular trend is to host an indoor-outdoor wedding in a greenhouse. Though often prohibitively hot in the afternoon, if held in the evening, a greenhouse’s glass walls and roof allow for seamless views of surrounding plants and flowers.

Lighting plays a pivotal role in granting an outdoor feel to an indoor venue. Decorating with outdoor lights brightens up a room and lends a festive atmosphere to your reception.

Green floral arrangements such as ivy help bring the outdoors inside. You can also decorate with trees and other plants to further the natural look, and including your favorites will add a nice touch.

Choose decorations with an outdoorsy aesthetic to complement your indoor-outdoor wedding. Candelabras are a great option, as are tulip-shaped votive holders and acrylic pendants that hang from flameless tea lights.  

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