Engagement Announcement Etiquette

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Engagement Announcement Etiquette

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When’s the last time you learned a friend or family member had become engaged? Chances are it was soon after the Christmas holidays—according to a survey by the publishers of Modern Bride, nearly one-third of all engagements take place in December. If you’re the one about to divulge the big news, make sure to check out the following list to make sure you’re adhering to appropriate etiquette!

Children. If you or your fiancé have children, they should sit at the very top of your list of people to tell. Assess the situation by taking into account their age and emotions, and remember that while a wedding is exciting, children can be affected in ways that don’t first appear obvious.

Parents. The bride’s parents are told first, followed by the groom’s. Both the bride and groom should be present when the news is announced—either in person or on the phone.

Close Friends and Relatives. As you start to spread the word, politely ask people to refrain from posting the news on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other forms of social media. It might take a few days to get in touch with everyone, and reducing the risk of friends or family members finding out in a secondhand manner will truly be appreciated.

Surprise. Keeping your big news a surprise until everyone’s gathered together for a special dinner or family event is a fantastic way to announce your engagement! Have fun with your announcement—think of creative ways to reveal the news, such as during a game of charades or Pictionary.

Traditional. If a more traditional route better suits your needs, you can send out formal engagement announcements or place an advertisement in the local newspaper. Another option to consider is Facebook, which can be a great resource for spreading the word far and wide. If you plan on creating a website for your wedding, you can provide a link along with your announcement to help keep friends and family aware of upcoming details.