Country Club Wedding Receptions: Five Beautiful and Original Ideas for a Wedding Reception on a Golf Course


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Country Club Wedding Receptions: Five Beautiful and Original Ideas for a Wedding Reception on a Golf Course

Jamie McGregor

Country Club Wedding Receptions: Five Beautiful and Original Ideas for a Wedding Reception on a Golf Course The months leading up to a woman’s wedding day can be the most exciting period of her life. There is much to plan, from what to wear to where the reception should be held, sometimes it can be hard for brides to contain their overwhelming joy at the upcoming events. While wedding ceremonies tend to be more traditional and classic, your wedding reception is where you can really show off your personality as a couple. One location that is beginning to pick up speed in popularity for wedding receptions is golf courses. What better place to hold a wedding reception than on a beautifully landscaped golf course under a canopy of blue sky? Here is a look at five original and beautiful ways to spice up your golf course wedding reception. Candlelit Reception Under the Stars A beautiful and romantic option for a wedding reception on a golf course is a candlelit dinner under the stars. Setting the right mood under starlight is easy with right supplies. Set up groups of tables with white linens with understated center pieces. Floating candles, tea lights, column candles or small lanterns can work beautifully, when arranged on a table with fresh flowers. The ambiance that is set by the flickering candles, fresh flowers and twinkling stars above establish a very romantic and enjoyable mood for your wedding reception. A Weather Friendly Option If you are concerned about weather ruining your outdoor wedding reception, fret not. There is a easy, and attractive fix if raindrops decide to fall on your wedding day. Set up white event tents on the golf course, where tables and chairs can be displayed. The inside of a tent can be arranged much like a banquet hall would, only your guests also have the option of enjoying the beautiful outdoors as well. This option also works well during especially hot days. You can hold dinner inside the tent, while keeping your guests cool and comfortable. Morning Wedding in the Garden Another beautiful option for a wedding reception on a golf course is to host a morning wedding in a garden-like setting. Many wedding planners can work with floral designers to take an ordinary golf course and transform part of it to look like a garden. Most golf courses already have lush green lawns; a talented florist would add pieces that would enhance the natural beauty of your reception site. To add substance to your wedding reception, consider serving a hearty brunch to your guests as they celebrate your nuptials. Opt for a Golf Course at a Country Club While there are many beautiful golf courses to choose from for your wedding reception, it may be wise to select a golf course at a country club. The reason for this is because country clubs are well-versed in planning for weddings and they can provide that something extra for an outdoor event. Many country clubs can cater your outdoor affair, provide tables, chairs, and other supplies, as well as greet and serve your guests when they arrive. You can turn a simple outdoor wedding into a up-scale affair by selecting a country club golf course in lieu of a stand alone golf course. A Simplistic, Yet Classy Event or an Elaborate, Decadent Affair: The Choice is Yours When you host your wedding reception at a golf course you can make it as elaborate or as simplistic as you would like. When it comes to outdoor weddings, the amount of decoration you have to do depends solely on your location and your personal preference. The beauty in having a wedding reception at a golf course is that the location is often already well-groomed; you just have to decide what type of event you want to have. The choice is entirely yours, and a golf course is a beautifully prepared canvas for you to add your personal touch to, and enjoy. To find the perfect golf course wedding location go to