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Wedding Guide and Checklist

Jamie McGregor

Congratulations! You’ve recently become engaged and are now ready to plan one of the biggest days of your life.

As you start envisioning your dream ceremony, remember to keep your relationship at the forefront of your mind—as important as it is to create a ceremony that tells your unique love story, it’s equally important to remember that every couple is different, as is every wedding. Make the most of the planning process, and yours will be a beautiful and lasting tribute to the love you and your significant other share.

To help you tackle the larger details while staying on top of smaller ones, Country Club Receptions has created a Wedding Planning Guide. The guide demystifies much of the wedding planning process, and offers valuable information on topics ranging from choosing the right wedding gown to tips for assembling a dream team of vendors. It also contains a series of checklists that offer an insider's glimpse into details you don’t want to mi

ss, such as what goes into booking a ceremony and reception venue, or hiring that perfect photographer and florist.

To make sure no detail is overlooked, we've also compiled a companion piece to the Wedding Planning Guide. In it, you’ll find an even more extensive set of checklists matched to an ideal timeline for completing each task. After downloading the document (here), use a three-hole punch to insert it into your wedding binder; with room for notes on each page, you'll be as organized as a pro!

When it comes to planning your wedding, staying organized is perhaps the most valuable asset you and your fiancé have for creating your dream day. While the process can seem overwhelming at first, taking time early on to get organized will help you meet your wedding goals with as little stress as possible, allowing you to fully enjoy this exciting time. Our planning tools will not only help keep you organized, they’ll also help you stay informed and confident—two key qualities that ensure success as you start your new and inspired life.

Photo by Liana Photography.