Picking Readers for Your Ceremony

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Picking Readers for Your Ceremony

Jenelle Kagay, Sunset Hills Country Club

Make a list

As you begin narrowing down your ceremony details, start thinking about those who are not currently heavily involved in your wedding. Make a list of people who are not shy, and who have a strong voice. This may be a friend or relative, but try to pick someone who is not already in your bridal party or assigned a job duty. Keep in mind, public speaking can be more difficult for some individuals. When asking someone to speak during your ceremony, be sure to check his or her comfort level. Some individuals may feel pressured to say yes when deep down, he or she is actually terrified of public speaking.

Choose a reading

Most couples choose sentimental readings that reflect on their relationship. These are typically selected weeks prior to your wedding day and shared with the chosen reader early so he or she has time to practice.

Another option is to allow each reader to choose the reading he or she wants to read and have it be a surprise for you! You can give your readers guidelines on length, style, and any other preference. This can make the readings a more personal experience for both you and your chosen reader, inviting humor and the unexpected. Just be prepared if you go down this road.

Other considerations

Typically, most ceremonies have two to three readings, but there is no set guideline. You will need to take into consideration music, rites of marriage, and any other material that will be covered during your celebration. If you are worried about the length of time, having the officiate quote a piece of poetry would be the next best option.

Remember to have fun and make it your own!