Fun Reception Games for Your Wedding Reception

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Fun Reception Games for Your Wedding Reception

Janan Ali

Janan Ali, Oakhurst Country Club

The wedding reception is an important part of a bride and groom's special day as it is when family and friends get to meet and greet each other, and the bride & groom can relax, kick back, and have some fun. While you are making the rounds and greeting your guests, wedding reception games are a great way to keep everyone entertained and break the ice between guests who have never met each other. Wedding reception games are a great way to get guests to mingle, and they're a lot of fun!

This article breaks down a few of my favorite wedding reception games that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Corn Hole

Corn Hole is a fun game to incorporate into your reception. You can purchase or make corn hole boards and beanbags customized with your names and wedding date to make the game more personal. Your guests are sure to laugh and enjoy a friendly competition to see which team can toss the most beanbags into the hole.



If you loved playing Jenga with your family when you were little, try incorporating Giant Jenga into your reception! This giant game can be played one-on-one or in teams. Each player takes a turn choosing a block to move, all while making sure the tower doesn't tumble!


Spinning Wheel

Your guests are bound to have some fun spinning a giant wheel like the one below. A stop on, “Show us your best dance move” or “Bride & Groom Kiss” will make the crowd go wild and create many fun memories.


Outdoor Games (Limbo, Sack Races, Bocce Ball, Horseshoe, Croquet, Lawn Bowling)

Outdoor weddings are a great place to have numerous outdoor games set up for your guests to enjoy. Whether it is limbo, sack races, bocce ball, horseshoe, croquet, or lawn bowling, your guests will be well entertained and are sure to have the time of their lives. 


The Shoe Game

Don’t let the weather get you down! For those of you planning an indoor reception or a wedding reception in the fall or winter where weather may not permit outdoor games, there are plenty of indoor options as well!

The Shoe Game is a great option for your MC or a good friend to host. The bride and groom trade one shoe each and sit back-to-back as they prepare to answer a series of questions. These questions are prepared by someone who knows both parties well, with the intent of creating fun reactions. Examples such as, "Who is the better cook?" or "When you first met, who made the first move?" or "Who is the better driver?" and so forth. After each question, both the bride and groom hold up the shoe of the person they think is the best answer to the question, but they both don't see who the other chose. This game creates a lot of laughs and is a way for your guests to get to know you better.



The Italian Knee Game

The Italian Knee Game is a good wedding reception game for couples who have lighthearted guests who won't mind a few bare knees. Have the MC pick 4 couples and blindfold the women. Have the guys roll up their pants to just above the knees and the women will walk down the line and try to guess who their significant other is only by feeling their knees. This game is bound to get a few good laughs!

Photo Booths

Photo booths are a great way for your guests to mingle and have some fun, plus it's a great option for non-dance inclined guests. You can create 2 copies – one for your guests to keep and one you can request that they add to your memory book as a keepsake. These photos will not only bring smiles but they will also create lasting memories for years to come.