Don’t Forget Vegetarian Options!

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Don’t Forget Vegetarian Options!

Kathryn Draney

It’s finally happening, the day you’ve always dreamed of… your wedding day! You’ve picked the perfect venue, dress, date, etc. There is so much planning that goes into creating everlasting memories of your special day. You might be wondering, "what have I forgotten?"

We can’t stress enough: when deciding on your delicious menu selection, remember the vegetarian option - even if it’s silent!

Your day well is about you. However being considerate in your selection of foods for your wedding guests will definitely be appreciated. People LOVE options and the ability to make the best selection for themselves and their diets. Many wedding menus have multiple options, such as meat, chicken, or fish. Despite having these various options, you may still have vegetarians or vegans present, and they will be unable to eat the protein and will have to pick around the closest-to-vegetarian option. In addition, any guests who are dieting or trying to follow strictly healthy meal plans may appreciate the opportunity to have more plants and less protein! 

It's needless to say that a guest's visits to a dance floor or open bar will be much more enjoyable if they have had a full meal.

Offering a vegetarian option is an excellent way to ensure there is something delicious present at your dinner for just about everyone! While it's easy to say "well, the vegetarians can just eat the salad" or, "there must be something here they can eat," if you go the extra mile to have a specially prepared vegetarian option, it will really show your guests that you are trying to take care of them and are thinking of them. A little extra consideration will go a long way.

Tips for Creating Vegetarian Options

  • When discussing the menu with your chosen venue, ask them if they have vegetarian/vegan options. Usually they will be able to accommodate both with one dish.
  • Clarify whether it would be considered one of your entrée selections- most venues know vegetarian/vegan numbers are fairly low, in which they can offer it as a silent option, where the vegetarians or vegans specifically request their special dish from the kitchen.
  • Decide realistically how many of your family/friends would benefit from the option.
  • Make sure the option given is appetizing- not just a bowl of salad. There is a world of incredible vegetarian dishes out there, and this is a great opportunity to explore and broaden your horizons.