Bridal Bouquet Styles Infographic

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Bridal Bouquet Styles Infographic

Allison L. Doyle

It's springtime and you know what that means: flowers! The team at Country Club Receptions loves the spring with its blooming flowers, green grass, and warming temperatures. Even fashion is floral print this season, and in honor of spring we wanted to share with you this infographic by SimplyBridal on Bridal Bouquet Styles. Your wedding bouquet can be a unique and beautiful addition to your ensemble on your wedding day, and this infographic breaks down three of the most popular flowers used in wedding bouquets.

If you're searching for more bouquet ideas, one of our private event experts can help! All the courses and clubs we highlight offer beautiful outdoor ceremony sites that can be arranged with blooming flowers and strewn petals, easily customizable to match your personal wedding colors. We can help you pick out affordable local vendors and flower shops that can help you design and create all the floral arrangements you desire for your wedding day.

SimplyBridal has also recently written an article on matching your bouquet to your wedding dress, so that everything about your special day ties together harmoniously.