3 Best Wedding Apps When Wedding Planning

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3 Best Wedding Apps When Wedding Planning

Allison Doyle

Let’s face it – our smartphones are a big part of our everyday lives, so it only makes sense that they’re becoming a big part of wedding planning! While I do NOT advise using a smartphone app INSTEAD OF an actual human wedding planner or professional photographer, these apps can definitely help and enhance the planning and partying!

Here’s a list of our top three favorites, as reported to us from brides.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner (iPhone) – FREE

We see brides carrying around The Knot’s Ultimate Wedding Planner Binder like it's the end-all, be-all of wedding planning guides, but you can save some paper and hassle by going digital.

The Knot is the #1 wedding website in the industry and offers invaluable information and resources on weddings – and they’ve put together an equally comprehensive app that includes a great personalized checklist (crucial!), a wedding day countdown, a budget tracker, helpful tips and advice, ideas for inspiration, and more. Again, although the trackers and checklists are a necessity, I would always recommend relying on your vendors and professionals to help keep you on track and help manage your event.

Appy Couple – iPhone and Android - $28 one-time fee

Having a wedding website for your guests to view is pretty standard nowadays, but what about going one step further and creating your own wedding app! Appy Couple let’s you create and publish both and is completely customizable. It’s the perfect way for you to communicate important wedding details with your guests, in a convenient and fun format.

Once you’ve selected your design out of the 300+ they offer, you can add and manage your own photos and stories, collect RSVPs and meal preferences, manage your registries, share important travel information and guest contact information, and more.

Wedding Party – iPhone and Android – FREE

This is another awesome app that brides adore; but again, look at it as an enhancement, not a replacement. That said, oftentimes guests capture great candids that your professional photographer misses – and this app will help keep track of them and allow them to be shared among your guests!

Your guests simply download that app and upload photos from the wedding. They are organized based on when they were taken, and guests can comment and share the images on Facebook, making your big day totally interactive (it’s also a great way to share a photographic play-by-play with your guests who were unable to attend)! And the best part is being able to swoon over all the photos after your wedding while you wait for the professional ones!