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23 Mar, 2017
Congrats to the lucky couple, Jacob A. and Lindsey G. who won this year's Wedding Show Weekend Sweepstakes! 
Jacob and Lindsey are both looking forward to spending their lives togehter, and "to be able to learn new things about each other, and create a family together."
They will be holding their wedding at Knollwood Country Club in Granada Hills, California.
20 Mar, 2017

Check out a VIDEO of the weekend here. 
13 Mar, 2017
Some of these details may seem obvious, but when you’re actually planning a wedding, there are so many factors to keep up with. It’s helpful to heed some advice that considers every step of the planning process, from the engagement, to the honeymoon.
Choosing the date of your wedding will determine so many details for the big day, from theme, to décor, to what everyone will be wearing. It will...