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26 Feb, 2018

How to Prepare for Venue Site Visits

There’s an endless list of things to think about before visiting the venues you’re interested in after a wedding show and much more than this. But here’s a start!

Questions to Ask
Do they require you to buy Wedding Liability Insurance? Some venues require you to purchase this for protection in the event of property damage, injuries...
20 Feb, 2018
Are you planning your own wedding? Here’s a timeline template to give you an idea of what the big day should look like to keep you and your wedding party prepared and organized. 
10am: Start Hair & Makeup - Getting Ready
2:30pm: Vendors Arrive for Setup at Venue
2:30pm: Photos Start with Photographer
2:30pm: Bride Arrives at Venue for Bridal Room
3:30pm: Groom Arrives at Venue
4pm: Guests...
05 Feb, 2018
Are you in the beginning stages of planning your wedding? Going to a Wedding Show can help you through one of the most important periods of your life in so many ways. Here are a few reasons to go:
Experience the Venue
The participating venues will be showcasing their own property’s ceremony and reception site’s capabilities, with décor, food tastings and impressive photographs of past events....