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Whirlwind Wedding

A wedding is the most exciting day of your life! Celebrating your marriage with those you love and cherish make the memories last forever. That one day of celebration with bouquets of flowers, delicious food, decorations and dances all night is one to remain memorable as the most joyous night of your life.

Weddings, however, can require a lot of planning. From budgeting, choosing rings, selecting your wedding dress, to the final day, the journey can be stressful if a wedding timeline isn’t planned out. Some find it easier to hire a wedding planner to arrange everything, but be assured- planning a short-term wedding does not have to be stressful! If you’re on a time crunch, a definitive guideline highlighting the most important stages of planning is a sure bet to having the perfect wedding day, stress free. 6 months to spare? Do not worry! A beautiful wedding is absolutely possible within a 3 to 6 month time frame, when following this wedding guideline. Check out Wedding In Week’s infographic “Whirlwind Wedding Timeline” to make sure that all the little things are taken care of for your perfect wedding! Here, you will find a breakdown of when to purchase your dress and rings, send out invites and reminders, and much more!


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